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Measure media & campaign performance


Improve campaign success (Per Per Click, Ad-word, and Local Search campaign)


Turn wasted data into an information gold mine for your self-storage company


Know where your leads are coming from

In terms of proving ROI, call tracking is the highest rated technology feature for tracking leads among Small to Medium-Sized Businesses.

(Source: BIA/Kelsey)

Call Measurements

Listening to recorded calls allows you to evaluate the quality of the interaction with the customer. Managers gain powerful feedback for customer service reps, helping with the overall improvement of the customer experience, increasing rental reservation conversions.

Analytics Dashboard

You can easily measure your campaigns’ success with advanced reporting & analysis tools located on your dashboard. Measure call outcomes, listen to your calls and rank your inbound leads, evaluating them against your marketing campaign.

Operation Savvy

Determine your peak calling hours. This sounds basic, but it’s important. Call tracking gives you the ability to pin point the exact time and day that you get the most calls, and vice versa. This allows you to staff your office and delegate tasks appropriately.

Real-time insights

Call tracking provides you with timely information to make critical marketing decisions. Real-time data is available online and via your local POS software, showing you where the leads come from and how to promote them successfully!

Marketing Channel Tracker

Track your interaction with potential customers on various platforms. Understand how each channel of your marketing performs and gain a complete understanding of what kind of campaigns generate the best leads for you.

Affordable Analytics

It is no longer costly to use unique toll free numbers or local numbers to track leads. It could be worse for you NOT to track inbound leads. Tracking call data can give you quick and reliable ROI on each of your media campaigns.


  • 65% of Fortune 500 companies say phone calls are their highest quality lead source. (Source: BIA/Kelsey) 65%
  • 46% of Sales inquiries are Missed Opportunities, they were good leads that did not convert. (Source: BIA/Kelsey) 46%

Track them or lose them!

Findlocalstorage (FLS) has teamed up with SiteLink, a POS industry leader in Self Storage, and IVR Technology Group, a leading call tracking company, to rollout a new call tracking solution in the local POS system. For the first time, store managers can view real-time inbound calls and attribute them to media campaign information! It is an easy enrollment process through contacting IVR Technology Group’s team, and then you will be set to start tracking and stop wasting valuable campaign data.
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Find Local Storage

John Jordan
Founding Partner & VP of GoLocal Interactive

“I have worked with storage companies for over a decade. Tracking phone calls and the resulting rental activity has always been a luxury reserved for the largest companies that utilize sophisticated phone systems and call centers. Call Outcome is an incredibly affordable solution that brings that capability to even the smallest of operators. That is something to get excited about!”

Find Local Storage

Site Link

Markus Hecker
COO of SiteLink

“SiteLink’s integration with IVR Technology Group delivers the last piece to total marketing analysis. SiteLink now tracks and shows the result of phone calls. Our integration with IVR Technology Group pops up an interactive screen in SiteLink for each call. Managers assist callers faster and convert more inquiries to rentals. SiteLink analyzes not just the origin of each call but also the use of tracking numbers and the effectiveness of each marketing channel!”


IVR Technology Group

Wey Wey Wong
CRO of IVR Technology Group

“We are very excited to be able to bring real-time caller intelligence to local POS software, which provides true call tracking capability. Store operators can now see where their media calls come from each time the phone rings. We are also honored to have partnered with industry leaders, Site Link and Find Local Storage, that make this a reality for the industry.”


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